AC Shropshire Limited

“They understand our need to diversify and are totally supportive in this.”

Randall Boddy, Managing Director


A C Shropshire began working with Cunningtons more than a quarter of a century ago. Ever mindful of the need to diversify away from traditional agriculture, AC Shropshire benefits greatly from Cunningtons’ forward-thinking and support. This is perhaps most evident in Cunningtons’ support and advice when the company began generating electricity from animal and human food waste.

Cunningtons’ approach

“We went to them with the idea and the way that they have made a difference to us is that they advise us on the pace to adopt and how to move forward. They also provide other excellent contacts and outside support for us,” says managing director Randall Boddy.

How have Cunningtons added value to the business?

“They provide crucial information and advice on the day-to-day running of the business, as well as continually projecting into the future. We have frequent meetings, where we kick a lot of ideas about. It’s useful to have an outside opinion, rather than just our own,” continues Randall.

We’ve been with them for so many years that it’s difficult to pick out one single thing that they have helped us with. We enjoy a good working relationship with them and they understand what we’re about and what we want to achieve.

They’re always on the ball and make time for us. If we don’t understand something, we are able to just say so and they take the time to explain. Most importantly, they understand our need to diversify and are totally supportive in this.”

Company overview

Business description: Third-generation family agricultural and feed supply
Location: Huncote, Leicestershire
Staff: 50